Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 25, 2012 - Mellow Weekend


Dave and I are enjoying a well deserved mellow weekend.

Friday here at the mill saw the return of the crew (part of ‘em, at least) that is usually around; they have been gone since early July working at another site.

Interestingly, their last day here was Friday, July 6.  The following Tuesday, my medical journey began.  Thursday my staples were removed and bingo! Friday the crew returned.

Monday is to bring not only that crew but the roofers will be back on site after being gone for a couple of weeks.  Activity is going to ramp up again around here.

We were so fortunate to have a window of quiet at work to make this journey.

So, yes, we are being mellow this weekend.  Dave helped me get laundry going this morning, then he boogied out for some bike time. 

I spent the morning (between seeing to laundry) basically napping.  Later I mentioned to Dave I just seemed to want to nap (tried reading and kept dozing off) and didn’t know why.  His response was that I had been through major surgery recently.  Twice.

Oh yeah.  Well, that might have something to do with it!   Ya think?

So this evening we are sitting in the rig with our laptops, playing Words with Friends on Facebook and listening to music.  Silly, perhaps, but a very cozy, low-key, pleasant evening spent together, giggling over words and digging some rock-n-roll on a local radio station.  Maggie is snuggled in a recliner, happy to have her “pack” intact these days.


Hope your weekend is blissful, too!


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  1. glad to hear you're having a mellow weekend. Look after yourself and listen to Dave! take care x


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