Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14, 2012 - Update


Sunday was rough but I kept it together until about 1 AM Monday morning, at which point I became violently ill and subsequently experienced my first ever transport via ambulance.  Thanks to Holland Police Department and Milford-Holland Rescue Squad for helping us out.

After being stabilized in the ER and subsequently admitted to the hospital, my surgery went on as scheduled.  Everything went very smoothly and the procedure was indeed performed  laparoscopically.  Pain control was an issue immediately following in the recovery room, but that was soon remedied.

By yesterday evening I was still pretty darn groggy but able to communicate and steadily improving as the hours passed.  I managed some catnaps and even about two hours of continuous sleep at one point during the overnight.

Today has been a much better day.  Ambulating, cleaned up and in my own “this is something my mother would buy” housedress, I am feeling absolutely brilliant compared to the previous two days.  Although not entirely pain-free, my pain is definitely controlled.  This has been extensive major surgery and I have expected (and been told) that some discomfort is typical. 



Dave arrived this morning, bringing flowers and four cards – two from him and two from Maggie!  He spent quite a bit of time helping me settle in – getting my computer set up and so forth.  Thanks, darlin’!

I have had several walks, lots of phone calls and a visit by Andrew, who owns the roofing company that has been working at the mill lately.   He accompanied me on one of my strolls  and rolled my IV stand across the “speed bumps” in the floor for me.   I’ve managed to cross the “speed bumps” unassisted during the two walks I’ve had since the one with Andrew. 

This afternoon, two more flower deliveries occurred!

From Linda and Don

From my aunt and uncle in Houston; thanks, Linda and Don!  Nurses and aides have been commenting on the lovely fragrances!



From The Violet Crown, the cycling club Dave rode with in Austin.  He still belongs to the club and wears their colors when racing.  Thanks Kurt and everyone for thinking of me!

Dave was back this evening to spend time and stroll the hallways with me.  His presence is so comforting; he seems to know when I need a hand to hold, a gentle hug or a just a good old giggle. 

My beloved Scotsman has essentially been up since 5 AM Sunday, with only brief catnaps since then.  I do hope he sleeps tonight. 

Did I mention I’m a very lucky gal?

Pathology reports will not be back for a few days; perhaps while I am still in hospital or perhaps after discharge.  We have hopes that I will be discharged sometime over the weekend if all goes well.

In the meantime, I am focusing on recovery from the surgery.   I am receiving excellent and compassionate care at this facility and am as comfortable as one can be in this situation.

To all of you who have called, written or expressed your concern and affection in other ways - - - I am so very, very touched.  Believe me when I tell you that I have felt, and continue to feel, your support, and I am so very grateful.

My night nurse just came on duty and we had a visit.  I’ll be heading out in just a bit for another wee stroll, a slow wee stroll but a walkabout just the same.  Gotta keep movin’!

“Unity is strength.  Knowledge is power.  Attitude is everything.”

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  1. I so hate not having Internet, haven't been able to keep up with you. Glad to read an update and see you are on your way to a full recovery!!

  2. take care. glad you're recovering.


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