Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012 - Making Progress

This morning was very pleasant out, almost cool.  I popped out for a walk to enjoy the morning air, knowing it would warm up and be a bit muggy later in the day.

Morning walk

Headed down the driveway into the property.  That’s our rig to the right in the distance.  Sure beats walking the hospital hallways, eh?

Another milestone today – food!!

For about four days I had been saying I could easily (and with no remorse)  bludgeon someone for an over-easy egg, yolk still a bit runny, on a lightly toasted piece of white bread. Ninja  (Not supposed to have wheat bread or wheat grains yet – white bread, white rice, white grain stuff is okay.)

So!  Having passed the criteria for solid food, this morning I indulged my fantasy.  Sliced off the bread crusts and slid that sunny egg onto the slice of bread.  Sun

Do you have any idea how exquisite bread smells?  It’s just white Wonder Bread and not even home-baked (which I used to do), so I know that sounds bizarre.

Trust me.  It was paradise.  Thought I’d stumbled into a scene from “Lost Horizon.”

Took me about 7 minutes to eat this delight.  Remember, I had not had solids in 8 days and my insides are somewhat rearranged, so I was taking it slow.  Besides, slow indulgence gave me the opportunity to savor each bite.

Later in the day I made a tuna casserole – total yummy comfort food.  Had about 3 tablespoonfuls of that.  Dave can also enjoy the casserole, and that’s a good thing.

These two “feasts,” along with the liquids consumed during the day, seemed like a freakin’ party!  Ha!

So today has been a combination of ambulation, nourishment and chilling in my recliner. 

Not a bad first full day at home at all!


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