Friday, January 25, 2013

January 25, 2013 - Winter Views



The Musconetcong River is frozen


IMG_5040 (2)

The Canada Geese are not impressed . . .



The Musconetcong above the “big” dam on the property



Much of the “big” dam is frozen


Downstream of the dam



I’m wearing a sheep these days and staying cozy.  This sweater was purchased in Edinburgh, Scotland a few years ago.

Silly Solar Flower

A wee bit of silliness in my office window – a solar-powered sunflower that bobs back and forth, promising Spring will be here soon!

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I am a Warrior.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 20, 2013 - Open Letter to Lance Armstrong Post Oprah Winfrey Interview



Remember the CD “Driven” from the Ride for the Roses weekend in Austin several years back?  One of the tracks was I Won’t Go Hollywood.  Heading to the staging area for the ride at oh-dark-thirty that weekend, attempting to blow out the windows of my truck with that CD, never did I expect you to “ go Hollywood.” 

As a two-time cancer survivor (most recently in the summer of 2012) who was active in the LAF since 2002 and then LiveStrong, native Texan and decent cyclist back in my day, I have struggled with a myriad of emotions during and following your Oprah interview.

Anger, betrayal, forgiveness, doubting your sincerity, relief that you finally admitted to doping, gratitude for the inspiration I received during my darkest hours.


If you had looked into the camera, looked at us, and simply said, “I’m sorry,” I and so many others may have taken that first step on the path towards forgiving, believing and supporting you once again.

It’s unfortunate that you did not take the opportunity to make connection with all of us who supported you over the years.  I’m not talking about just your brothers and sisters in survivorship, but all the others who wore yellow, cyclists of all levels who cheered you through the Tours, your family, your friends and so many others whose names one would recognize.  All you had to do was look into the camera and talk to us.

The most unfortunate aspect of this entire mess is that it appears you still just don’t “get it.”  What saddens me even more is the possibility that you have not learned to open yourself to feel true empathy, respect, compassion and, yes, even unconditional love, for others – and to be open to receiving the same.

My hope for you is that this process may take you to a place where you will be able to do this. My hope is that you will emerge from this ordeal not completely broken in spirit, but with a cleansing that takes you to your knees and a return to that place where your heart’s vision sees what  is truly to be valued.  It’s not the “stuff” in our lives; it’s the people – our friends and family and the love, laughter and respect we share with one another.

Lance, you still have the opportunity to turn your life around and do an enormous amount of good.  I encourage you to take the time to listen to a few, just a few, of the stories of how you inspired others to keep going through the darkness of despair and back into the light of Life.  In doing so, I hope you would realize and be moved by how much help you have already given others when they so needed a reason to keep going one more day.

I am one of those people.

You have been, and still can, be an inspiration to your brothers and sisters in survivorship.  It won’t be easy.  Your credibility is shot.  You have betrayed our trust.  Overall it will not be a pleasant road back and it will be a long one.  You just thought those cobblestones in Belgium were rough.  You haven’t seen anything yet.

If you make the choice to dedicate yourself to doing the work, we’re waiting. 

We’re waiting for you to reach out to us (the cancer community), and to see you reaching out to those you have wronged even more severely.  Show us your defenses have cracked, that you are truly sorry for the pain and chaos you have inflicted and that you are ready to do the work that can change lives, including yours,  for the better.  Come clean without reservation to whatever governing bodies request your attendance.  Take your punishment with grace and humility.

Not everyone will forgive you; however, there will be some of us who will hold out a hand and help you stand tall again.

It’s up to  you.  Are you ready to cowboy up and get to work? 


Betty B.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9, 2013 - Beginnings Blogfest


Beginnings Blogfest 2013

Reading blogs on my list this morning, I found out about the Beginnings Blogfest which happens today!  Yikes!

Any beginning is fair game, but I think I’ll share with you how I entered the realm of blogging.  This is also a tale of the beginnings of a new life with my beloved Scotsman and how I came to call Scotland my second country.  It is also a tale of self-discovery as a Writer.  So cozy up, and I’ll tell you a story, albeit a wee bit over the length of a typical blog entry.  I apologize for that, but hope you’ll walk with me a while.  Apparently this is what I do; I tell stories.


Back in November 2005, I accompanied my then fiancĂ© (now husband) Dave to his homeland of Scotland.  He had proposed over the phone in April of that year, again in person in June (in Washington, D.C. where we met for the first time, but that’s a whole ‘nuther story)  and was back in the States for a visit in October.  We had started the paperwork process to acquire a FiancĂ© Visa for his immigration to the States, and the plan was for me to travel to Scotland to be with him during the interviews for said visa.  Things were moving along more swiftly in that regard than we had anticipated; therefore, we decided that I would travel back with him instead of waiting and going over on my own.

I had other reasons for making a prolonged trip to Scotland.  I wanted to meet Dave’s two grown sons and hopefully get to know them and they know me.  I wanted to see what makes Dave, Dave . . . his homeland, his culture, his life.  I also wanted to see if I could live in Scotland should, heaven forbid, his visa be denied.

I stayed with Dave at his flat in Dunfermline (near Edinburgh) from November 2005 until our return to the States together in February 2006.

So there I was, about to travel 4000 miles on my first trip abroad after spending just shy of three weeks with this man to whom I was engaged.  Although well-traveled in the USA, I was a virgin at traveling abroad.  “Will my ATM card work there?”  “Yes, darlin’, we even have indoor plumbing and electricity!”  Ha!

My family and friends (as they had done when I announced our engagement) were saying, or at least thinking, “You’re going to do what??”  Needless to say, I know they had concerns even though they had met Dave during his visit.  “What if things don’t work out?” they might ask.  “Well, I have a return ticket.  I’ll just change the date and come home.  I’m a big girl.”

(Many months later after we had returned to the States, I learned from my aunt that during a farewell hug at the airport, Dave whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry.  I’ll take care of her.”)

Taking a leave of absence from my job as a home-based medical transcriptionist, for the first time in my adult life I was not working.  Dave resumed his work routine as a pipefitter for the Royal Navy at the Rosyth Dockyard.  Although we took long-weekend trips around Scotland to Loch Ness, Glencoe in The Highlands and other amazing places, I had time on my hands to do as I pleased.  I kept up the house, laundry and marketing.  (It’s amazing how many groceries you can put in a backpack!)  I hopped a double-decker bus and went “up town” into Dunfermline and prowled shops, the library, the Glen (a park) and just soaked up the atmosphere by walking, walking, walking.  I took thousands of photographs with a new camera purchased for this adventure.

There were many hours, however, when I was cozied up in Dave’s flat (condo) with time on my hands.  For the first time, I could allow my creativity to emerge, and I met my Muse. 

What better way to let family and friends know that I was okay and to share my experiences than to blog?  Not only could I  share my thoughts, feelings, photographs and experiences at the time, but would have a record of this adventure for myself in days and years to come.

So I set up a blog on MSN Spaces and began documenting my Scotland experience.  That site no longer exists, but I did migrate it to Wordpress prior to the demise of the MSN blog hosting venue.  I maintained that blog until we began transitioning to our lives as full-time RVers, at which time I began Phoenix Once Again

The text of my Scotland blog is still available at Journeys Through Scotland and Beyond, sans the photos that were part of the original site.  My Scotland chronicles begin in November 2005.

Free of job and many everyday responsibilities, I was essentially on a three-month vacation or, as it turns out, somewhat of a writer’s retreat.  I discovered the joy and release of putting my internal thoughts and emotions into an external form and sharing that with others. 

I became a Writer, although I really did not acknowledge that at the time. 


Thank you for taking the time to listen to my tale.  I have a dream of putting together a compilation of such stories of self-discovery, lessons and insights gained from Life as a Reiki Master/Teacher, a two-time cancer survivor, full-time RVer and survivor of Life.  This project is currently in development; however, if you found pleasure or interest in the above tale and would like to hear more, I sure could use your encouragement with my WIP (work in progress). 



I am a Warrior.

The above bracelet is a Toby and Max creation.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 2, 2013 - Insecure Writer’s Support Group



This entry is part of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group

Isn’t there an old saying that whatever you do on the first day of the year is what you will be doing the rest of the year?  If so, I’ve made a decent beginning of it, as my activities have been varied today and have included some writing.

It is not yet midnight, I wrote a letter to an old friend and this is my second blog post of the evening.  I also had a short talk with my hubby about my want and need to spend more time devoted to writing this year.  That means me spending some “weird time alone,” as we call it. 

When I get in the writing groove, I’m just “gone.”  Music in my ear buds, I am sequestered in my own wee world, oblivious to all else. 

Let’s face it, I lost six months of WIP-related productivity in 2012 due to a cancer diagnosis and related treatment followed by a visit from a hurricane named Sandy. 

I did, however, come up with a format and have an outline just about done.  In December I spent a few bucks on a basic, no-frills netbook which is devoted to this project.  Right now I’m curled up on the daybed, dog at my feet and netbook running off its battery.  Cool beans!

Now I just have to write the book, take these chapters and pages in my head and transform them into an organized form – gosh, I was about to say, “on paper,” – on disk? on stick?  on screen?  Whatever.

Do I still believe I have things to say folks will want to hear?  I don’t know.  I have had some doubts the last couple of months; however, if no one does, at least I will have told the tale for my own sake.

Isn’t that part of the reason we write?  Because we have stories in us which we need to set free?

Happy writing, ya’ll!

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Warrior bracelet

I am a Warrior.

The above bracelet is a Toby and Max creation.