Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 21, 2012 - A Bit of Normalcy


Normalcy – whatever that is! 

Today was a few wee steps in that direction.  Hey, I even got dressed this morning and have managed to remain that way so far!  Very comfortably and loosely dressed but at least not in a gown or a “my mother would buy this” housedress.  Sweet!   Dave and I tagged teamed some laundry.  Some paperwork – both personal and business – got taken care of today.

Slowly.  But done.

This morning was very pleasant out, so I got in 2 miles of walking before 8:30 AM, knowing it would warm up pretty quickly.  I’m hoping to get the remaining mile of my daily 3-mile goal done later this evening when it cools down a smidgen.

We had visitors today at the mill.  Two retired gentlemen pulled into the parking lot, their car sporting a Georgia tag.  Seems they are on a “strolling down memory lane bucket list” vacation.  Having lived for many years in the area 30+ years ago, they left wives behind in Georgia and are revisiting old haunts and reliving memories while they can still enjoy doing so.  One of them worked at the mill and lived within walking distance.  They just wanted to park, stroll the grounds a bit and visit about days gone by.

We cleared it with our boss and allowed them to do so.   It was fun visiting with them, learning a bit more about the history of the area.  They seemed to get a kick out of the visit and seeing the mill (even just across the river from the outside), so I’m glad we could accommodate them.

It was nice to have a bit of activity around here, too!

Dave remarks that I am much more mobile following this surgery than I was at the same stage following the appendectomy last month.  He’s right, and that’s cool! 

My staples are to come out Thursday at my follow-up visit with the surgeon and I’m ready for those puppies to be gone!  I know that will feel better.

I find that I am still very emotional, but that is just one of the stages of survivorship.  A very good friend and sister survivor of breast cancer said it probably  has something to do with having a wee conversation with Death.


Really?  Ya think?  Go figure.

Again, I know it’s one of the stages.  I’m not depressed, but rather find the tears that can come so easily are those of joy, gratitude and a fullness of the heart.

There are whispers floating in my head of picking up work on my writing. 

All in good time.  Right now I’m plodding along as I can and want (with the love, assistance and great patience from my beloved Dave), feeling a bit stronger and more well every day.  There are still lazy times and catnaps in the recliner.

It’s all good.


Thanks for stopping by!



I am a Warrior.

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