What's It All About?

My intention with my writing project is not to tout my life experiences.

It is, however, my intention to share some of my experiences and insights in hopes that someone who is navigating dark times reads my words and realizes - believes - knows - that days of light, laughter, peace and love are ahead for them, too.

My words are not those of a psychologist, therapist or other accredited, well-known individual.  I'm just a gal who has been in the trenches of darkness of the soul and knows how it feels, smells, tastes and looks in that darkness . . . and back out into the light.

If just one person - just one - finds any hope by reading my words, then I will have accomplished my goal, my intent.


Over the years, I have been told this is "quite some story" and "you should write a book!" Yes, this came from family and friends but also from complete strangers, including ~~ gasp ~~ authors!  For instance, chilling out at a rest stop en route to MN when I moved there, I struck up a conversation with a retired couple.  You know how it goes, "Where are you headed?" and so on.   A brief recap of the below would elicit those comments of "quite some story" and that I should write a book.

Yeah, right.  Me? A book?  Sure.  I'll write my book, it will sell a gazillion copies and we'll have a nice income for a quiet life in a wee stone cottage in The Highlands of Scotland.

Whatever the person who thought that is drinking, I'll have one!

Keeping in mind my intention stated above of reaching just one person, here's the material I am drawing on for my project:
  • March 2001:  Diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. My life ends. My life begins.
  • August 2002:  My marriage dissolved after 20+ years of being together.
  • Spring 2003:  Emergence from a the darkest days I have ever known, rising out of and above the physical, spiritual, emotional and financial fallout of both cancer and death of a relationship, along with deaths of family and friends during a 12-month period.  I received training as an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and began teaching and seeing clients in my home.  This time of enlightenment bestowed upon me many amazing experiences both external and internal and brought extraordinary people - shamans, healthcare professionals, clergy, cancer survivors, energy healers, writers, my local community - into my life.
  • 2003-2004:  I had found myself, my spirit, my strength, my peace, my joy, my Truth.  My days were filled with fulfilling work as a home-based medical transcriptionist for VA Hospitals, a blossoming Reiki practice, miles of cycling Texas roads, volunteerism, etc.   Music, laughter, love and the company of friends and family filled my home - along with the pitter-patter of dog and cat paws.
  • Autumn 2004:  Dave and I met online, a purely Karmic happening.   He just wanted to talk cycling and I ignored him the first time, but decided to be civil and respond with a "Yes, I live in Texas and I cycle.  Have a nice life." email.  We "dated" online and he courted me from 4000 miles away in Scotland.
  • Spring 2005:   Dave proposed over the phone and I accepted.
  • June 2005:  Dave and I met for the first time in Washington, DC, where I was attending a Lance Armstrong Foundation function.  Dave proposed again and I again accepted.   At the end of those four days, he returned to Scotland and I boarded a plane for my home in Texas.
  • July 1, 2005:  I arrived in Minnesota with a U-Haul trailer behind my SUV, having sold everything else, including my property in Texas.   I went to a state I had never been in, to an apartment I had never seen (rented for me by an aunt and uncle), engaged to a man 4000 miles away with whom I had spent a total of four days.
  • October 2005:   Dave arrived in MN and we traveled to Texas to participate in the Ride for the Roses and for Dave to meet my Mom and my friends.
  • November 1, 2005:  I boarded the plane with Dave and went to Scotland, my first trip abroad.   The Muse and I became friends, as I began blogging - mainly so my family and friends would not worry about me.   "You're going where with whom?  You've only spent a couple of weeks with him!"  Oh yeah, some folks had concerns but I wasn't one of them.
  • February 2006:   Dave's visa secured, we returned to Minnesota.
  • March 2006:  We were married in our Minnesota home.
  • February 2007:  We moved back to Texas.
  • June 2010:   After selling most of our material possessions, we hit the road as full-time RVers with a 38' fifth wheel towed behind a one-ton truck, the realization of a longstanding dream of mine which Dave now shares.   I do the towing.   Hey, he likes being the passenger and I dig towing the rig.  It works for us!
And the story continues . . .


  1. I love hearing your backstory. I need to do something similar, thanks for the push. Oh, sent you and a good motorcycle friend of mine a joint email.

    1. Backstory? Is that what it's called? Cool! Whatever it is, glad you enjoyed it, and see my email in response to YOUR email. <--- sounds almost like a Marx Brothers routine just w/o the Sanity Clause.


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