Friday, June 27, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things - A Blog Hop Post - No. 5


Celebrate the Small Things


It’s Friday and time once again to Celebrate the Small Things!

  • The power is out to the office – which means our cable Internet is also down – and usually means the well pump is offline and we have no shore water.  Today I’m celebrating the fact that the well pump is online and we have free-flowing water.  I’m also tickled that we have power to our RV, so we at least have air conditioning.  Toss in there being able to run a hotspot from my phone and I’m just doing the Happy Dance all over the place.  Keeping with that, I’d guess that when power is restored to the office, I’ll be just freakin’ delirious.


  • I’m also celebrating the fact that we have enough funds in the bank for me to replace a printer and my phone, both of which croaked during the past week’s time.  I was eligible for an upgrade and the phone was on sale, so it wasn’t too painful on the pocketbook.  I’m celebrating that, too!


  • Although I am not thrilled about the fact that my wireless keyboard is ready for retirement, I am celebrating the three $10 coupons I got at Radio Shack when I bought the phone.  Just so happens they have this same keyboard on sale, so if I boogie back over there in the next day or two, I’ll score a good keyboard at a ridiculously low price.

I know these are silly, perhaps inconsequential things to celebrate.  It’s been a week of techie issues, so troubleshooting and resolve those issues is where my energy – physical, mental and creative – have been the past seven days.  Perhaps next Friday I’ll have something profound and insightful to celebrate.  Who knows? 

Right now I think I’ll get over to Radio Shack for that keyboard!

What are you celebrating today?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things - A Blog Hop Post - No. 4


Celebrate the Small Things


It’s Friday and time once again to Celebrate the Small Things!

Not only does Friday herald the end of the week, but also celebration!  I’m a bit late getting this post done, Wednesday and Thursday being focused on upgrading our network router and the resultant cascade effect.  Oh the joys of technology!


HP Envy 4500 in service 06192014

Meet “Hal,” new addition to the office


  • I am most definitely celebrating having set up the new router  and getting all our devices online.  Our wireless printer was a few generations old, so new router ended up meaning new printer.  That ended up with a all-day event of wearing my geek IT “hat” getting all our devices online.  Dave’s laptop refused to communicate with the new printer, etc.  I am celebrating having accomplished all this without consulting outside technical support!


June 20 Lilies


  • I am celebrating the fact that these lilies finally bloomed!  They had been on the verge of opening for several days and have arrived at last!  This is their third year of coming back annually and I’m proud of them for doing so.


  • Once again I’m doing the Happy Dance because of the weather here in NW New Jersey.  Today’s high is to be around 76F and was in the mid 50s last night.  That’s grand sleeping weather, especially in an RV with a window open. 


May 25 evening_edited-1

Our home, to the right of the office trailer


What are you celebrating today?

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things - A Blog Hop Post - No. 3


Celebrate the Small Things

It’s Friday and time once again to Celebrate the Small Things!

Not only does Friday herald the end of the week, but also celebration!  I’m attempting to limit myself to three items each week, but that is sometimes difficult.

  • I’m composing this post Thursday evening and simply celebrating the lifestyle I’m fortunate to lead with my husband and wee dog.  Sure, Life throws curve balls now and then – serious issues that challenge one – but these are the Good Years.  Trust me.



Celebrating the return this week of an annual visitor


  • The weather over the past several days has truly been a cause for celebration!  We have experienced highs in the 70s and mid 60s, even with a couple of days of low humidity.  Heat and humidity simply drain me of energy and feelings of well-being, so I have been thoroughly enjoying this week.


June 11 Twilight Walk

Celebrating an evening walk in divinely cool weather


  • Saturday is the opening of the annual local farmers market.  Even though small, it is pretty nifty and the breads we got there last year were certainly worth celebration.  Fudge.  Oh my yes, the fudge was, too!  I plan to mosey up the hill to check it out Saturday morning.  The market.  And the fudge!

What are you celebrating today?

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things - A Blog Hop Post


Celebrate the Small Things


It’s Friday and time once again to Celebrate the Small Things! 

I’m a little late in the day getting this post together, so let’s just jump right in:

  • I just glanced out my office window and saw two smallish rabbits scampering around the large bush in the yard.  It really looks like they are playing.  I’ll certainly celebrate in thanks for the smile they just gave me.  This week I have also celebrated seeing robins extract earthworms from the immense “front yard” we have here.  Then there was seeing the two young groundhogs hanging out with their mom yesterday evening; that was a moment or two of smiling.


  • Being out of Texas during summertime is also cause for celebration.  It may heat up here during the day, but not nearly as hot as in Texas, and it does cool down at night.  Today’s high was 75F and right now it is 64F out.  Today’s high in Brenham, TX (which I still consider the home of my Texas heart) was 91F and right now it is 88F.  Even during the peak of Summer here in NW New Jersey, the evenings give us a break from the heat.  Can’t beat that with a stick, folks, and it certainly is cause for celebration!


  • Albeit a bit premature, I’ll go ahead and celebrate a fun morning tomorrow.  The CERT group will be here running the latest class through their final class drill, a search-and-rescue exercise here at the mill.  I attended training last year and was an active participant in the drill here, down on my hands and knees in “smoke” searching for “victims.”  This year I’ll be manning the sign-in sheets while still in my primary role as security team member here.  I’m grateful to be part of the CERT organization and be around good folks.

June 6 CERT trailer for drill

CERT trailer in our parking lot awaiting tomorrow’s drill

What are you celebrating today?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

National Cancer Survivors Day - As a Survivor


Today is National Cancer Survivors Day, now in its 27th year of celebration.

Two months from now, I’ll be celebrating two years as a two-time survivor.  (I know.  There are a lot of “twos” in there, eh?)

I could be the poster gal for mammograms.  In 2001, my very first mammogram revealed abnormalities which turned out to the ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) of the right breast.  Surgery, radiation and tamoxifen followed that diagnosis.  Divorce and dark days of my spirit followed thereafter.  What doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger, and I found my strength, my spirituality, my bliss and myself once again, more vibrant than ever before.


As a survivor advocate for LiveStrong Day on Capitol Hill – June 2005

In July 2012, I underwent an emergent appendectomy which revealed not only a ruptured appendix but goblet cell carcinoid (GCC) of the appendix.  A month later, I was in surgery again for a right hemicolectomy (removal of the right side of the colon) and bilateral oophorectomy (removal of both ovaries).


About a month after second surgery 2013

In both cases, I was fortunate to have talented, caring surgeons and excellent hospital care.  I was also fortunate that both cancers were detected in their early stages and that chemotherapy was not indicated.

The overall five-year survival rate for the GCC is not absolutely thrilling, but could be worse.  I’m coming up on two years out from diagnosis and really don’t think about it that much.  I have mostly good days and even the not-so-good days are not debilitating.


Enjoying time at the Jersey Shore – May 2013

Cancer does not rule my life.  Well, it has altered my lifestyle a bit, but not in a highly restrictive way by any means.  It’s just the new normal.

When I do stop and think about it . . .

If the GCC makes an encore appearance and I end up with another couple of years or even 12 months . . . 


I’m living my dream as a full-time RVer

I share my life with an amazing Scotsman and our wee dog.  I have traveled the United States as a child with my parents, on my own and with my husband, and have spent time with Dave in his  homeland of Scotland.

Inverness Trip 62 - Loch Ness altered

Sailing on Loch Ness in 2005 

I have had amazing, joyous and profound spiritual experiences as a Reiki Master/Teacher and walking the Red Path.   I have met the most amazing people along the way.

I have friends, true friends, scattered across the USA and across The Pond in Scotland.  That goes for family, too.

Memories . . . precious, exhilarating, groovy memories of experiences, places and people.

Those are treasures, indeed, but what is the most important is . . . right here, right now.  That’s it.  Survivor or not, no one is privy to their expiration date on this Earth.  I may have three more years, 30 more years or 30 more minutes. 

I am certainly no saint.  Hell, I’m a middle-aged woman with no ovaries, so you know my hormones go off the scale now and then.  Top that off with the fact that I have always been somewhat of an independent free spirit and, well . . . let’s just say my husband has patience.  A lot of patience some days.

It is the right here, right now that counts.  Living every day as if were your last or at least your last healthy, feel-good day.  Cliché, yes, but what a novel way to live. 

What a refreshing way to live. 

What an empowering way to live. 

What a mindful way to live.

That is what I strive to do as a cancer survivor.  Not always successful, but my experience as a cancer survivor provides me with a benchmark for living my remaining days.

If you have not done so already, go hug a survivor.  Drop them an email just to say you are thinking about them and are grateful for their presence in your life.  Better yet, call ‘em up.  Stroll down memory lane together for a bit and share some laughs. 

Right here, right now.

What does being a cancer survivor mean to you?



I am a Warrior