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September 5, 2012 - Insecure Writers Support Group


I had written this last week and then forgot to post it yesterday!

Insecure Writers Support Group

Here it is another month and time for the IWSG post.  Last month’s post saw me still awaiting surgery and a verdict whether or not cancer was spreading in my body. 

Pathology reports were clean!  Mind you, I’m scheduled to meet with an oncologist in about a week, but we don’t expect any life-changing news at that visit.  As far as we know, surgery has done the job of getting rid of the cancer and all I have to do for the foreseeable future is continue recovering from two major surgeries in about a month’s time. 

So many thoughts and emotions go through your head when you are on the receiving end of a cancer diagnosis.  Fear.  Joy.  Love. Anger.  Determination.  Spirituality.  Strength.   They seem to be on a conveyor belt, passing through your existence and awareness about as fast as you read each one of those words.

As if I didn’t have enough material and ideas for my WIP prior to the events of the past month, I sure do now. 

These days I am at the point of realizing that and wanting to capture this latest experience while it is still so very fresh, so real. 

On the other hand, I can’t quite seem to settle down long enough to write more than short Facebook entries or my (sort of) daily blog. 

I’m thinking what I need is a bit more time, actually, to digest my experiences and emotions, to bring some order (at least in my head) to them and more physical healing time.    A little distance.  It’s perhaps still too raw to attempt to capture.

Part of a cancer diagnosis is fear.  At the time, I was keeping that fear at bay.  Soon, I think, I’ll be able to face that and talk about it.

Besides, I still have a tendency to nap during the day.

Daylight is on its way out; Winter is soon here.  I’m looking forward to huddling in my writer’s neuk and putting in some serious keyboard time.

How’s your project going?

Thanks for stopping by!

Now go write!

Warrior bracelet

I am a Warrior.

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