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July 27, 2012 - Some Info and Ramblings


Surgery date:  August 6, 2012, 7:30 AM, Eastern Daylight Time

St. Luke’s Warren Hospital

185 Roseberry Street

Phillipsburg, NJ  08865

Main:  908-859-6700


Folks have asked about surgery time and hospital info, so there ya go.

You can join my Virtual Waiting Room for the event on Facebook.  Click here to see the invitation and RSVP.

Everyone reacts differently to a cancer diagnosis.  Some tell family and friends; some keep it secret, keeping it on a need to know basis.

My philosophy has two threads and is my own viewpoint.

One of the humbling lessons I learned from my breast cancer experience in 2001 was to ask for help.  That’s a tough one, as I am an independent and strong woman.

Just ask Dave.  <giggle>

A diagnosis of cancer is too big to be tackled alone.  One needs not only emotional/spiritual support, but physical support as well.  Ya just can’t do it alone, even at the basic level of fighting the disease, whether it be Stage IA or Stage IVB.  One has to have a dynamite healthcare team in one’s corner and someone to provide caregiving in periods prior to, during and following treatment.

While the emotional and spiritual aspect comes from inside oneself, knowing that others are standing by your side, whether near or afar, is so comforting.

All those good vibes, those prayers, those Reiki energy beams, the laughter, the intent of well wishes  combining together and directed towards someone in need – wow.  I’ve been on the giving side so many times . . . believe me, it helps.

There is another aspect with sharing a cancer diagnosis.  It provides an opportunity for others to share their stories, and that can be very therapeutic for them as well.  Perhaps they kept it to themselves at the time or perhaps they, too, “rallied the troops.”  Either way, the telling of the tale can be healing in itself.

Perhaps they were not able to share their story with anyone other than immediate family before now; however, because of wanting to provide support to another, they are finally able to open up and talk about it.

Cancer ain’t pretty.

The way people reach out to one another is beautiful.

My heart is warmed and I gather strength from all of you who have left messages, contacted me,  and are keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.  Really.  You make a difference!

From the LiveSTRONG Manifesto:

“Unity is strength. Knowledge is power. Attitude is everything.”

“Cancer may leave your body, but it never leaves your life.”


Wearing Yellow and LivingSTRONG

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