Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12, 2012 - Blindsided!!


Well, ya just never know, do ya?

Tuesday evening I went to bed with a bit of cramping in the gut.  Okay, it wasn’t severe  and I do have IBS, so figured it was that, a virus or just culmination of the hot weather we’ve had lately.

Wednesday the pain was worse and I really wasn’t feeling well.  Ended up in the ER of St. Luke’s Warren Hospital.  By then all I wanted was pain meds.  Oops.  Had a temp of 102+.  Oops.  Up for a CT scan and next thing I knew I was headed to the OR.  Oops!!

By 9 PM I was nestled in my room minus my appendix.  The rooms are all private rooms and that’s really, really nice.  This morning Dave brought my laptop and a few toiletries, and  . . . .

Hospital flowers and cards

Beautiful flowers and three cards – one from Maggie!

So my surgeon today said my appendix was indeed ruptured with quite a bit of infection.  Wow . . .

I’ll be here until Saturday at least from what I hear, getting IV antibiotics. 

Everyone – Dave, nurses, etc. – says I sure do look better today.  I tell ya what, I sure do feel better!  Had a few laps around the hallways with Dave this morning, a shower this afternoon and will sit in the chair a bit this evening while Dave is here.

Since I’m gonna be here, I’m making the most of the healing time – napping, listening to Reiki music, watching silly TV, napping and eagerly sipping my broth when it arrives.  Smile

My wonderful Dave has been taking good care of me.  No wonder I looked better after a nice hand-in-hand stroll around the hallway with him this morning!

I’m reading ya’ll blogs, but don’t know if I’ll be commenting much.  Get kinda tired after walking, showering and communicating. 

May be time for mindless TV and a nap!

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  1. Wow! Short notice appendectomy. Please get well quick. From your post it sounds like you're on the mend already.


  2. Egad girl, you don't do anything halfway do you!! Get better soon!!! Gentle healing hugs coming your way..

  3. Talk about writing from the gut! I hope you are on the mend, now. And how inspiring that you write even under duress...:)

  4. My son who is 8 had an emergency appendectomy last year and my daughter had the same symptoms last week, but it wasn't her appendix. Glad you are on the mend and taking it easy.


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