Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 13, 2012 - Today


Thanks to everyone who has commented here and contacted me privately.  Your support, well wishes,  prayers, good vibes, shared stories – I am so lucky to have such comforting “voices” of my blogging family!


Typing one-handed basically tonight – wee early hours of the 14th -  because my IV point got moved this afternoon and my left hand is sorta out of commission now.

More walking, solo and with Dave, both morning and evening.

Surgeon says I’m '”doing very well, considering.”  Yoinks!  “Considering???”

Now looks like Sunday I may get sprung outta here.  Today I progressed to a full soft diet, which means pureed soups, ice cream, supplement shakes, etc.  My gut seems happier with some signs of substance!  Yay!

Dave was here this morning and then back this afternoon, bringing our Scrabble game with him.  My dinner arrived, so he left to take a wee walk.  When he returned, he brought . . . .

sleeping dog

. . . and I got all mushy-teary-eyed.  Since I can’t be with him and Maggie, this is one of those “sleeping dogs” and it “breathes.”  Its chest moves in and out!  Dave did not realize that and put this sweetie out for me.  We looked at it and . . . hmmmm . . .  “Is it breathing??”  Like Maggie, the fur has twinklings of silver in the black and, like Maggs, this pup doesn’t budge from sleep either.  This wee one even comes with a brush!

Dave had not been gone long when this arrived . . . .

balloon from rachelle

flowers from rachelle

Cheery flowers with balloon from my long-time girlfriend Rachelle in Texas!  This was a very pleasant way to be blindsided!  Thanks, g/f, not only for the flowers but the phone calls for making me laugh – but not too hard.

This morning had a rough start and I did indulge in two doses of morphine but things got better as the day went on.

It’s about 3 AM on the 14th now, and I had a Percocet at 2:40 AM, about 6 hours since the previous one.  Not bad.

Walking the halls helps not only physically but mentally.  This morning, Dave brought the jewelry I typically wear and I had a shower this afternoon.  Sat in the chair playing Scrabble for about 2 hours this evening and then another walk “around the block” with my sweetie.

Well, my night owl traits are showing themselves and I may just go for a wee stroll in a minute or two.  Why not?  My sleep pattern is wrecked anyway!

Thanks for stopping by!

Now go write!


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