Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012 - Got Our Game Face On


Dave and I had a very sweet Sunday together.  Ran some errands; I was out and about for a little over two hours.  Really, really tired when we got home.  We spent the afternoon in our respective recliners (Maggie nestled on one or the other of us at different times) watching some good programs on PBS, dozing off and on, chatting quietly now and then.  Very relaxing, total bliss.

Meeting with surgeon tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM.  Will get surgery / hospital admission date at that time.

While we hope we will be able to say “I had cancer” and not “I have cancer,” it’s still the same road initially.  In limbo until surgery and path reports.  This video, this song by Wideawake especially for LiveSTRONG, tells you where I’m at.

Wideawake performed this song live at the inaugural LiveSTRONG Summit in Austin, TX in October 2006.  I was a delegate at that Summit.



Wearing Yellow and Living STRONG

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