Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012 - Surgery Date!


Monday, August 6, 2012

St. Luke’s Warren Hospital

Phillipsburg, NJ


Just gotta love your surgeon when one of the first things he says to you in his office is, “I’m going for a cure.”

Does that rock or what?

Today’s visit was basically that – a visit.  Dr. K. explained things.  I asked questions.  Dave asked questions.  Dr. K. answered them.   Estimated hospital stay is four to five days, not counting day of surgery.

I believe – I hope – that Dave is feeling more optimistic and upbeat after today’s visit.

We still have a bit of a road ahead, getting through surgery and then more waiting for results of the lymph node pathology.  One step at a time.

Dave and I have a bit of a reprieve, if you can call the waiting period a reprieve.  This week and a half will give a bit of time for my body to continue to heal and for me to regain energy levels.

It also gives Dave and I some very sweet “us” time.  I may even fire up the grill this weekend!

Unfortunately, Dave is now suffering with allergies or cold; he gets this about once a year.  It typically lasts a few days and he’s better.   Yes, we’re keeping a distance between us, as much as one can in a 40’ RV.  Right now he’s pretty miserable.  I’m doing the dishes tonight.  Slowly and carefully, but I have commanded that he rest.

  July 23 Harvest

Yesterday’s harvest; a wee bit fuzzy because it was taken with my iPhone using Instagram.  The original is not fuzzy.  Go figure.

We had more “excitement” this afternoon with a power outage that lasted about two hours.  No storm, just the usual random outage.

Maggie continues to be the laid-back, cheery therapy dog, light of our lives, Member #3 of our wee pack.  She’s such a hoot, such a joy and such a cuddle comfort.

Maggie therapy dog

Maggie the therapy dog, cuddled against me in bed

I’m doing great – essentially up all day – not in the office as I normally am, but outside walking, sitting in the recliner, doing stuff around the rig, taking care of work business and personal business from here in our rig.  Only time I hit the bed is at night for sleep or propped up reading, on my laptop or watching TV in late afternoon when it’s hot out and the bedroom is the coolest spot.

We have no shade trees over us and we’re sitting in a parking lot, so we do not get benefit from shade in late afternoons.  That’s okay – there are no trees to drop limbs on our rig or fall on it. 

Today was in the 90s and Thursday is to be nasty, too.  After that, we drop back into the 80s for daytime highs.  Having the awning out helps keep down the inside temp of the rig; however, the wind here is so volatile that days are rare when we can keep out the awning all day.  It can become gusty here with no warning.

Well, that’s it for now.

Wearin’ Yellow and Living Strong

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