Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012 - The Writer’s Retreat Kit

Quite some time ago, I don’t remember when, I purchased The Writer’s Retreat Kit by Judy Reeves.  This was years ago, so you see I have been dancing around the concept of writing my book for years.

I do not see myself as an ongoing writer with a goal of writing a series of novels.  I have one project (okay, perhaps there is a second)  in mind and heart, and that is my focused goal.

However . . .

That doesn’t mean I can’t have a wee bit of fun exploring other little projects like this kit.  I’m looking at it as a bit of fun, a bit of stretching my creativity and hopefully refining my writing.

If nothing else, it can be some posts for this site!

So stayed tuned; you never know when some little story might pop up here!

Thanks for stopping by!  Now go write!

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