Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 21, 2012 - I Have a WIP!


Yesterday was rainy here in New Jersey, much like today.   In between snippets of this and that, including our job here as an on-site security team, I managed to find time to devote to my project.  I can actually call it a WIP, because for the first time since its conception years ago I am truly developing it.

A while back I researched different writing software programs and settled on Scrivener.   Although I am still learning my way about with it, using it is becoming easier.  Practice, practice, practice!  I do like the corkboard feature for notes and reference, among its other features. 

Having some of my project “living” in Open Office, I am transcribing it all into Scrivener as a working platform.  You might think that redundant and, yes, I could copy and paste.  Initially that was my intention, but I found that annoying and, well, boring.  Now I am typing in my OO pages into Scrivener.  In my heyday as a medical transcriptionist, my typing speed was 100+ WPM and remains not too shabby, so this does not take long.  Additionally, as I retype my original work, I am “reliving” the words and my work becomes fresh to me again. 

Additional sections and editing/tweaking ad nauseum is in my future, but at least I can honestly say that I have a WIP!

Whoohoo!  That’s a cool feeling!

More later, but that’s it for now!  Hey, I kept this post short!

Thanks for stopping by!  Now go write!


  1. Way to go...I'm still vacillating between Scrivener and Write It Now. Found a good tutorial for Scrivener which is helping me figure out some of the nuances. http://blog.pauldorset.com/search/label/Scrivener

    This was the article that convinced me to try Scrivener: http://writingishardwork.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/scrivener-addict-why-i-wont-go-back-to-word-for-novel-writing/


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