Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012 - Tweet, Tweak, Twiberr . . . Um . . . Triberr

That’s either my bones creaking or the sounds emanating from my laptop the past few days. 

This writing path sure has proven to be a busy and crazy one so far.  Who knew?  And why didn’t you warn me??  Smile with tongue out

First off, thanks to everyone for your visits, your comments, your nudges, your Tweets, your everything! 

This week I have felt as if I have fallen into the deep end of the social media pool!  Where’s my floaties??  Actually, it’s all good, just a bit manic on my part as of yet.  I’ll get a handle on all this and into some sort of manageable system soon, before the pleasant men in their clean white coats appear with nets in hand.

That’s the Tweet and Twiberr – no, wait, it’s Triberr – part of today’s title.  The tweaking of this site has been going on in bits and pieces as I find time.  At the top there is now a link to my “everyday” blog, Phoenix Once Again, where one can find my Blogging from A-to-Z April 2012 Challenge entries.

Some of those posts are, I feel, some of my better efforts, including Baby’s Story (Baby my dog) and a bit about my cancer experience.   These may give you a hint at where my writing project is headed.

Again, thanks for all your Tweets, Triberr mentions, and so on.  I apologize for not reciprocating much yet, but that will change once I have a system and schedule in place.

Of course, said system and schedule is always subject to change depending on natural disasters and interruptions by that entity with a (warped) sense of humor we know as Life.

Thanks for stopping by!

Write on!




  1. Don't worry yourself too much, it all will settle into place. I've been on LinkedIn for several months and haven't visited the groups I joined until today. LOL!

  2. As for Triberr, just make it your first or last stop of the day. Once a day is plenty, even every other day for our Tribe.


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