Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 28, 2012 - Hurricane Sandy Update - Sunday


I think this will be short because I feel like I’m finally winding down and getting a bit tired.  No wonder; we were busy from the get today, securing our rig and the property as it affects our home.

We have been here at the hotel since around 3:30 PM or so.  It’s pretty much of a dive, but we knew to expect that.  We have WiFi in our room and cable TV, and got a little microwave and very tiny fridge.  Glad I brought the Handi Wipes; I’ve wiped down everything in the room, including microwave and fridge, and we stripped the beds of the bedspreads.   Good news is it is easy to take Maggie out for walks.  We were just looking for someplace nearby and for shelter for the next couple of days and nights.

We brought food for our own makeshift dinner of sorts.  There’s two queen beds, so this evening Dave and I each claimed one for a bit of lay down quiet time.  Maggie, as usual, split her distribution of affection between us, going from one bed after a while to the other.

Food, snacks, drinks, beer and Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur . . . and I still have a few pain pills, which may be a good thing after doing a lot of physical work the last couple of days.

Sandy is an historic storm, being about 900 miles in diameter.  If it wasn’t troubling, it would be a thing of awe. 

Starting tomorrow morning through Tuesday afternoon should be interesting, a bit rough and perhaps even a bit scary if things pan out like they say. 

We have done all we can, so all we do now is wait, monitor the situation, trying to stay safe and praying for a good outcome for ourselves and others in Sandy’s path.

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 I am a Warrior.

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