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October 20, 2012 - Write 4 Ten - Appendix (How My Appendix Saved My Life)




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You can read all about this lovely little body part on Wikipedia by clicking here.  In short, the appendix doesn’t really do much in our bodies these days after years of evolution, except . . .

I went to bed on July 10, this summer not feeling all that great and with a little crampy feeling.  (Okay, you may already think you know where we’re headed here.)  By 6 PM the following day, I was headed to emergent surgery in a local hospital with what was discovered to be a ruptured appendix.  By that time, I really didn’t care, as the morphine was doing its work and I was feelin’ pretty darn mellow.

My surgeon was absolutely tickled and perhaps a bit amazed, (“You’re doing so well, considering . . .” ) that I was up walking the halls the morning following surgery and was progressing so very well.  Fast forward to my follow-up visit with him about 10 days later for removal of stitches. 

Again, my postsurgical progression was almost extraordinary, considering the condition of my appendix at the time of surgery. 

That was the good news.

The not-so-good news was routine pathological examination of the appendix showed a tumor, defined as goblet cell carcinoid.  Goblet cell carcinoid is a very rare type of cancer with less than 1000 cases diagnosed in the USA annually and an overall 5-year survival rate of 76%. 

Actually, there was more good news.  Because of the appendicitis, the tumor had been found in its early stages, Stage IIA.  Following more extensive surgery a month after the appendectomy, I’m well on the road to recovery with a decent prognosis .

Had I not had the appendicitis, the tumor would not have been found until very probably in a more advanced stage and my prognosis would be much more dire.

My wee vestigial organ was looking out for me, along with whatever angel or spirit or being in which you might believe.  Yes, my appendix saved my life.

Have you hugged your appendix today?

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