Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012 - Views of the Past Week


Maggie is doing absolutely great and will have her stitches out this Friday!


October 2012 in hospital

On October 5, grandson Oisin was born to Ian and Rose in Ireland.  I am so very honored that the blanket I knitted for grandson Fionn a few years ago accompanied them to hospital and is getting good use.


Oct 5 campfire

Oct. 5 campfire honoring Oisin’s arrival


Foggy Night

We’ve had some foggy nights



Beavers are busy on the property



The spiders are still busy, too!


Birthday cards

My birthday was very nice!


Office ready to go back to work

After taking care of work from our RV for the past three months, I cleaned and organized my office.  I’m about ready to move back over to the office in anticipation of increased activity around here in the coming weeks.



Mr. Sun has been shy lately.  (Office trailer in foreground; our rig in the background.)



We’re so lucky; we don’t have to drive around to take in the Autumn colors




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I am a Warrior.

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