Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11, 2012 - Use It, Wear It


How many of us – especially us gals – have an item of clothing or a piece of jewelry, dishes or some item that we save for “special occasions?” 

In my life as a corporate professional 20+ years ago, my closet contained the appropriate clothing – suits, dresses, dress shoes, and so forth.  In addition, I had a few “party” ensembles, typically pants outfits. 

Fast forward a few lifestyles later to the one I am currently living.  Stereotypical “dressy” clothes just are not part of the scene, and I’m not particularly distraught by that fact.  Okay, I’m so totally okay with that fact!  Still, there are some nicer shirts and jackets and some jewelry that is nicer and/or has a sentimental attachment.

Well, folks, I’m here to tell you . . . if you like some piece of clothing, a set of dishes – whatever – use it, wear it, for Life is short.

What are you saving it for?  “That” special occasion?

Heeding my own words, I’m now wearing the bracelet Dave sent from Scotland for my birthday when we were still living across The Pond from one another.  It had been tucked away in my “good” jewelry box, but I took it out and started wearing it after I was told about my tumor this Summer.

What was I saving it for?  What if I was looking at my last days here on Earth?  I wanted to wear it, to have the energy, that piece of Dave and Scotland, with me at all times.  Besides, it just made me feel nice to have it on.  A little bit of pizzazz on my wrist.  After all, I am a girl . . .

It’s been on my wrist ever since, excepting when I had to remove all jewelry for surgery.

Sure, it could be damaged or come unhooked and slip off my wrist unnoticed; however, the joy of seeing and wearing it every day exceeds the risk. 

We left behind our “everyday” Corelle dishes when we hit the road as full-timers.  Instead, the ones we use are china and would be expensive to replace.  They have a Southwest pattern and colors that fit perfectly in my Texas home; previously we had used them on holidays, etc. 


When loading our rig 2+ years ago, we decided to take them along and use them.  If they get chipped or broken, so be it.  We like them and derive pleasure from using them.

Exactly why were we “saving” them?

So put on that fave shirt, jacket or earrings!

Isn’t every day a special occasion?

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I am a Warrior.


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  1. Very interesting post. Thoughtful.

    Thanks for making me think.


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