Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012 - Write 4 Ten - A Field of Flowers




This entry is a “Write 4 Ten” story, in which one writes for ten minutes on a given prompt.  Want to try it for yourself?  Click on the little lady up there to visit Donna B. McNicol’s site.


There were few flowers the day we gathered, coming together for a bittersweet occasion.  Among friends old and new, our purpose was to honor a loved one no longer with us on this Earth.  There was gentle laughter and quiet talk, old memories shared and new ones in the making.

I began reading the tribute to our loved one I had prepared in the prior days.  Smiling and fighting back the tears as I recited the words, I knew our beloved was present in Spirit and smiling her winning grin as she heard the words sharing her life and personality with the small gathering in the bright sunshine.

Our dog Maggie was with us, having come into our lives only a short two months prior.  She was her usual friendly self, only toned down a bit in what all remarked was a showing of respect to the one we were honoring. 


As my words finished, I noted I was not the only one with eyes misted over, yet there was an atmosphere of joy and love in the air.  What more could one ask at a life celebration for a dear one?

A few months later, I received photo from my friend, on whose property our celebration had taken place.


“Baby’s spot” was now covered in Texas Bluebonnets after nourishing rains, a lush field of flowers. 

I do believe my beloved canine companion  of so many years would be pleased that her ashes are part of not only Texas and such a lovely setting, but that she is resting with friends.


  1. That's really lovely... and my eyes are misty now, too.

  2. Really loved this....what a wonderful tribute! Thanks for sharing.


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