Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This is My Name in the Moonlight


An exercise from The Writer’s Retreat Kit

By Any Other Name

“This is my name in the moonlight.”

“She Walks With Bear” - this is my name in the moonlight.

When Darkness envelops the land and the Moon watches over us, I feel no fear.

I walk with Bear.

I feel no fear of the Night, as I have known Darkness of the Soul.  In that black and sad place, Bear emerged from the shadows to stand by my side and guide me into the Light.

From that time, I walk with Bear.

The Night holds no fear for me; it is filled with the presence of the animals who shun daylight and glory in the cool moonlight.  How could I be afraid walking among them with Bear by my side?

As the shadows deepen and the world comes alive with the sounds of the Night, do I feel fear?

No, for I am strong in body, mind and spirit.  My guardian and protector – Bear – matches my steps, stride for stride.

My name in the moonlight is “She Walks With Bear.”


  1. so pleased a prompt from The Writer's Retreat Kit sparked such a lovely poem. Judy

    1. Judy, thank you for visiting and for your kind words.


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