Friday, June 27, 2014

Celebrate the Small Things - A Blog Hop Post - No. 5


Celebrate the Small Things


It’s Friday and time once again to Celebrate the Small Things!

  • The power is out to the office – which means our cable Internet is also down – and usually means the well pump is offline and we have no shore water.  Today I’m celebrating the fact that the well pump is online and we have free-flowing water.  I’m also tickled that we have power to our RV, so we at least have air conditioning.  Toss in there being able to run a hotspot from my phone and I’m just doing the Happy Dance all over the place.  Keeping with that, I’d guess that when power is restored to the office, I’ll be just freakin’ delirious.


  • I’m also celebrating the fact that we have enough funds in the bank for me to replace a printer and my phone, both of which croaked during the past week’s time.  I was eligible for an upgrade and the phone was on sale, so it wasn’t too painful on the pocketbook.  I’m celebrating that, too!


  • Although I am not thrilled about the fact that my wireless keyboard is ready for retirement, I am celebrating the three $10 coupons I got at Radio Shack when I bought the phone.  Just so happens they have this same keyboard on sale, so if I boogie back over there in the next day or two, I’ll score a good keyboard at a ridiculously low price.

I know these are silly, perhaps inconsequential things to celebrate.  It’s been a week of techie issues, so troubleshooting and resolve those issues is where my energy – physical, mental and creative – have been the past seven days.  Perhaps next Friday I’ll have something profound and insightful to celebrate.  Who knows? 

Right now I think I’ll get over to Radio Shack for that keyboard!

What are you celebrating today?

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