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May 31, 2013 - Good-Bye, My Friend


Jimmy was more than a friend.  For many years he was my father-in-law.  Married and divorced twice from their younger son, Jimmy and Dot have remained very dear friends over the years and miles.  I think that’s pretty damn cool for ex in-laws, and I am blessed by their presence in my life.  Following the first divorce, they said to just consider them an aunt and uncle and, indeed, I hold them in my heart as family.

With Jimmy & Dot in Pasadena October 2005

With Jimmy and Dot at their home in Texas, October 2005.  My first wedding took place in their backyard.

Jimmy had a wonderful sense of humor and I have so many treasured memories of time spent together.  Christmas Eve at their home was a tradition for many years.

May 1985

May 1985 poolside at a hotel in Austin, Texas

March 1985

March 1985 at my home in Houston – Don’t remember the moment, but look at that mischievous grin on his face!

September 1990 New Braunfels

September 1990 - A couple of years the four of us rented a condo near New Braunfels, TX and went tubing and rafting on the river

September 1991 After Rafting the Guadalupe River

September 1991 after rafting the Guadalupe


November 1986

November 1986 - Lots of good times with Dot, too!

Jimmy retired from NASA after many years of service.  You know, he never talked about his work there; however, when attending an open house for families with him and Dot one year, it was impressive to hear other employees address him as “Mr. Moore” and with “Yes, sir” and “No, sir.”  He certainly was treated with respectful deference. 

Although a nonsmoker, Jimmy underwent treatment for lung cancer several years ago with surgery and chemo.  He beat the cancer, but never really bounced back physically.  Following a recent illness, he departed this world on May 29, 2013.

I am personally saddened by this loss and feel deeply for Dot.  She and Jimmy were married quite young and have many, many decades of life together.

Dot and Jimmy February 1993

Jimmy and Dot – February 1993

So, my friend, well done for a good life lived.  Thank you for so many special memories and for your continued friendship all these years.  You are greatly missed.  May you rest in peace.

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